Tuesday, April 10, 2012

When we are talking like British man :)

Yesterday,our english teacher asked all of us to speak like a british man :)
oiiiiiiii, i told you ahhh its so damn funny but its a good start ryte?
well,I know some people will say like this "hah! poyolah kau cakap english." or....
like this "kalau melayu buat cara melayu tak payah nak celopp sangat ahhh,tah papelahh"
mind your own buisness kayh? I don't give a damn bout you so get out from my life!

I don't want to stay in my comfort zone,i want to take every challenge in my life 
as many that i can . There's something that im afraid.
Im afraid to face the reality,but i have to.
I want to act that i don't know everything that happen around me,but i can't.
okay, till here.
happy short holiday :)

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