Friday, March 11, 2011

Just smile

Litle hey little Ho readers!

Its March!!!!!
huh! still can't believe it..
wake up dear!!!!
sewel plak tgh mlm nih! yelarr baru lpas txting dgn Hubby I yg otw balik phang mlm2 nih..
take care hubby..
jgn nakal2..i jentik karang! grrrr..hahaa

A lot of thing hppen..
Abt Love especially..

To my dear Jane..
don't you cry for tht boy..
He's not good fr u..U deserve bttr one..
Keep smilling jane :D
don't gve up ok? u still have 3 of us,your fam and so on..

Wanna knw smthg?
tday is my lucky lucky unlucky unlucky day!

the lucky part is.
Maen hoki in the RAIN!
what theeee WOE..
lpas geram,marah..woow.. cool man! try it

and hmm unlucky part..
My jane di game..
awhh..kesian kau syg..

ok i think thts all for tonite..
so bye peeps!

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